Woodland Farms

Unlike most brands we have dedicated woodland farms across the country supplying Sainsbury's stores. All our farmers enjoy membership to the Federation of Woodland Egg Producers. The Federation helps us forge closer working links with the Woodland Trust, Sainsbury's and most importantly our farmers to bring you the highest quality eggs whilst enriching the environment through our farming methods.

We know that our farmers play a critical role in the Woodland Eggs partnership, as well as being members of the Woodland Trust they also receive a bonus payment of 2p for every dozen eggs they supply, this adds up to an additional 1m per annum investment by Sainsbury's in our farmers.

So why do we provide a bonus? Our farmers follow strict guidelines to achieve Woodland status. Industry bodies and Sainsbury's regularly monitor our farms, so you can rest assured our hens are enjoying a woodland environment and have the freedom to express their own individual behaviours and personality.

All our farms are:

  • Planted with trees which cover at least 20% of the range
  • The trees are a mixture of fast growing and slower native trees which are indigenous to the local area
  • The trees are planted close to the house to encourage the hens outside to range
  • All farms are audited and approved by the RSPCA and conform to the RSPCA Freedom Food standard

Its not only the hens who need looking after, all the newly planted trees on our farms need nurturing, pruning, weed control and guarding during their first few years of life.

Sainsbury's commitment to Woodland farming is not only to maintain the trees and ensure the highest hen welfare standards but it also encourages farmers to expand their free range farms and entice new farmers to consider free range egg production. Free range supply in the UK is limited with some retailers already sourcing eggs from Europe. The Woodland Eggs partnership will help secure the future of sustainable British egg supply.

We are so proud of our Woodland farms that we actively encourage you to discover where your woodland egg was laid and learn about the farm and farmer.

Federation of Woodland Egg Producers Chickens A growing tree

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